Sustainable Impacts

Shared Added Value Engaging Everyone

Femmes Du Monde is a woman empowering organization founded in Geneva to support rising women of all ages and educational backgrounds, our purpose is to support creative ambitions women by establishing added value platforms and open paths for them to succeed without impeding them with challenges that do not contribute to their journeys.

The goal is to create a world where women can experience a better life through the improvement of their working and life environment. The foundation started its project in Sri Lanka in the tea plantations in 2000 where it raised a successful model.

With a strong network of women engaged in Japan and gatherings at the forum ‘Nikkei Woman’, Femmes du Monde encourages women to continue their ascent in their social and professional life Women are the backbone of a country and reflect the strength of it. In this project, French and Japanese women gather to create a culture of freedom they support women who are hesitant to climb the steps by helping them to see their future without a glass ceiling.

Beyond financial support, Femmes du Monde provides skills and competences to improve women’s living conditions and maintain better life for themselves and the next generation. This contributes to women’s sustainable growth by allowing them to focus on working and succeeding in their projects.

This successful model has allowed entire communities to develop and more than a thousand women to thrive and shine.

Infusing Sustainable Impacts

Our Model: How and Why does it

Femmes Du Monde &
Educating with the 'fish' Model

If you give fish, you can eat it for a day

If you teach how to fish, you can eat it for the rest of your life

Femmes du Monde model is based on “empowering” women by offering added value creation ground,
It’s not a charity based on donating but about rising up confidence by improving skills.

Following the wisdom of “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Femmes du monde go further to bring awareness and knowledge of the flow, bring quality to consumers at the same time.

Supporting Women from
Tea Plantation to Entrepreneurship

Commited to Positive Impact

How to support Femmes Du Monde ?

At Femmes du Monde we don’t collect donations but harness the efforts, time dedicated, advices offered to create a flow of energies around projects we support

Starting by supporting products crafted by women communities to bringing awareness about craftsmanship and intelligents hands of such project so consumers can connect and engage

By rising to become a rising entrepreneur woman and get connected to femmes du monde community to promote your entrepreneurship you bring an additional leaf to infuse stronger and deeper. leading and inspiring by becoming Femmes Du Monde ambassador to bring awareness about the quality and craftsmanship of women communities.

Femmes du monde Purpose :

We work to empower women at the grass root level to bring more justice to our humanity.

We believe world’s problems from ecology to human health and education can be improved by empowering each woman to own the intangible power of a mother

Soft Skill Meets Craftsmanship

Higher skills means higher quality translate one to sustainable purchase by clients where everyone is happy.

During the manufacture, products are carefully processed and quality controls are performed by each woman to ensure the requirements are reached.

Mindfulness is inspired to visualize the trip of each leaf and each products from genesis to consumers

Femmes du Monde ultimate Dream :

We believe collective intelligence reach level where humans can fusion humanity and kindness into our daily strengths and forces and not serve them as a side dish. We dream to inspire everyone to start kindness and love to each other at an early stage

We dream each project include kindness and love as colorful fibers knotted into a beautiful carpet of life from its start and not only the end and above all not on the sides.

May forces of good people bring us light to keep infusing kindness into future.

How to make a Sustainable Model?

When it is a win-win situation, and when the workforce, local communities and businesses get rewarded.

Engaging everyone into
Mutual Advantage Circle

The Smart Hand Logo

Hands are the symbols of creation, quality and above all generosity.
We call this logo the Smart Hand.

Industries are having difficulties in finding skillful hands in developing countries. We wish that by providing health assistance and offering education and training, women can develop higher skills. This is our way to empower women in developing countries as well as strengthen the tradition of growing skillful hands craft workers.